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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  929.3755VOG A Migration Study of 32 States Central NY Genea. Soc.
View Record  929.373SCH v.I Alsace Immigration Book v.I Schrader-Muggenthaler
View Record  929.1072073 Hei American Migration Guide Heisey, John W.
View Record  929.3755VIR American Passenger Arrival Records Tepper
View Record  929.1LOW Chinese Immigration and Chinese in US. Lowell
View Record  ref973.086COL Complete Book of Emigrants-1607-1660 Coldham
View Record  929.1072073 CAR Discovering Your Immigrant & Ethnic Ancestors Carmack, sharon DeBartolo
View Record  974.80043KNI Early 18th Century Palatine Emigration Knittle
View Record  929.3755STE Early 18th Century Palentine Emigration Knittle
View Record  929.3755PAT Emigrants From Ireland to America 1735-1743 McDonnell
View Record  929.3748EMI Emigrants to Pennsylvania1641-1819 Tepper
View Record  929.3755643LUN Handy Tips to Migratory Patterns Im. To US
View Record  929.1NEA Locating Your Immigrant Ancestors Neagles
View Record  929.373TEP v.I New World Immigrants v.2 Tepper
View Record  929.373TEP v.I New World Immigrants Vol.1 Tepper
View Record  929.373TEP v.2 New World Immigrants Vol.2 Tepper
View Record  929.3755KNO Omitted Chapt. from Hotten's Pers. of Quality Edited by Brandow
View Record  Palatine Passenger Lists Roots Web
View Record  929.3755JOY Palentine Immigrants
View Record  929.3755GUI Passengers to America Edited Tepper
View Record  929.3756RAT Plymouth Co. Probate Records 1686-1881 Wood
View Record  929.3755GIL Rhineland Immigrants Yoder
View Record  929.3755DOC Swedish Passenger Arrivals in New York Olson
View Record  929.3755CHA The Alsace Emigration Book Vol. 1 Schrader-Muggenthaler
View Record  929.3755CHA The Complete Book of Immigrants 1607-1660 Coldham
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Records: 1 to 25 of 38