Charlotte County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Charlotte County Genealogical Society, Inc.
Assisting and educating our members and community in their quest
for genealogical and historical information

January 31, 2022 Monday Class 10:30 am

What’s New at My Heritage
This season will be only Zoom Meetings, no in-person classes
Zoom links will be emailed to members

Feb 16, 2022 Member Meeting 1:30 pm

Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Presented by Karen Fortin
Recreating Life in a Community Using Death Certificates 
Death certificates can tell us a lot about how our ancestors lived and died. When looked at as a group, they can also tell us about life and death in their communities
 One of Karen's goals is to help people explore historical periods, places, and events so that they can better understand their ancestors and the world in which they lived. 
The meeting will be on Zoom (Link will be emailed to members)

Research Podcasts

Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems features the free Genealogy Gems Podcast, Elevenses with Lisa YouTube show, and blog articles. Visit

January 29
Finding Your Elusive Ancestors
 D. Joshua Taylor, “Bridging the Gap: Finding Ancestors in the U.S. between 1780 and 1840.”     Judy Russell, “No Vitals? No Problem! Building a Family ...

January 31
What’s new at My Heritage
What’s new at My Heritage

February 7
German SIG
Round Table

February 26
Pinellas Genealogy Society Annual Seminar
SEMINAR 2022 The Pinellas Genealogy Society is pleased to announce its annual seminar on 26 February 2022 featuring Lisa Louise Cooke. The event will be ...